Rui  Abreu

Portuguese bassist  moved to Montreal to begin a career as a musician which will be marked by decisive encounters and successes on stage. After having participated in several recordings and creation projects, he decided to form his own trio Le Rui's Trio with which he has performed regularly in concerts and tours. In 2014, Rui decided with guitarist Bernard Épaud, drummer Bruno Roy, and singer Suzi Silva to form The Suzi Silva Quartet whose repertoire explores the jazz and bossa nova standards  creating their own musical language.

 Eager to share his passion, Rui teaches bass and music transmitting  a sense of stage performance to the students .


Trained at the University of Montreal under the aegis of professors Alain Caron, Luc Beaugrand, Ron di Lauro and Reno de Stefano as well as Mike Gauthier and John Roney. Among its renowned teachers, Michel Donato and Dany Roy have also greatly contributed to its musical emancipation.

CREATIVE SPACE FOR MUSIC. learning,creating, sharing, and evolving together

Espace de Musique Créative
3440 Fleury Est. 
H1H 2R8
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