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Louis-Philippe Provencher

Freelance drummer and teacher based in Montreal, Louis-Philippe has collaborated with several artists including Muhammad Abdul Al-Khabyyr, Michel Dulac, Bo Reissett and Dominic Flibotte, as well as Chris Potter, Tim Hagans and Ranee Lee in concerts with the Big Band of the University of Montreal.

Trained in jazz interpretation at the University of Montreal with Paul Brochu (Uzeb) as private teacher, he also received instruction from drummer Mario Roy during his musical technique at the Cégep de Saint-Laurent.

A musician at ease both on stage and in the recording studio, he performs as much as an accompanist as as a soloist, moving easily from funk to hard bop, Afro-Cuban or pop. His strong sense of swing and his creative imagination make Louis-Philippe a musician in demand in the professional world. He has also been a teacher since a young age, developing with his students the techniques and rudiments that meet current musical requirements.

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